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SonReal - Voicemail 

Director/Producer: Sterling Larose

Co-Director: Zachary Vague

Director of Photography: Brian Caissie

Executive Producer: Stefan Berrill

Production Company: Brass Tacks films

Editor/VFX/3D/Stop Motion: Sterling Larose

2D Animation: Mikey J Blige

Colour: Zachary Vague

Embroidery: Victoria Ranea

BTS Photography: Kiri Anne

"1000 Highways" Stills Courtesy of Dane Collision & Jeremy Cox

Film Development by Pro 8mm Burbank

Special Thanks to

Victoria Ranea, Kiri Anne, Corrie Olson Vague, Desiree Larose, Syd Wong, Karina Jesson, Prabhjot Nijjar, Emily Seal, Raunie Mae Baker, Carol Chapman, Megan Caron, Ali Watson, Braeden Klassen & Thelma Gibson

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